Baker's Auto Repair - Yakima Auto Repair Team

In May of 1998, Jeff Baker established Baker’s Auto Repair Shop. The first repair facility was located right down the road from their present location, it consisted of two small bays and no lifts. The shop was small, but the rent was cheap. The original Baker’s Auto team only consisted of Jeff and his wife Sarah. Jeff took care of all the auto repair and Sarah handled all the billing and customer service. As a result of steady business growth, the Baker's outgrew their original location, in the spring of 2002 Baker’s Auto Repair moved to it's present location. This allowed them to provide better auto and transmission repair service to their Yakima Valley clients. In 2004, the Baker’s were able to woo Sarah’s brother, Robert Murphy, into joining the Baker’s Auto Repair team. Still with them today, Jeff and Robert have discovered that in-laws can really work together. Chuck Strmiska was added to the team in 2007, adding tires and alignment expertise to an already knowledgeable and experienced Baker’s Auto Repair team.

Baker's Auto Repair team of highly experienced automobile technicians make them one of Yakima’s best engine and transmission repair facilities. Today, their 3300 square feet state of the art facility consists of four bays and lifts, including an alignment bay and lift. Equipped with today’s most advanced technological tools and equipment, Baker’s Auto Repair can handle anything from your engine and transmission repair to brakes and tires. Baker’s Auto Repair is truly Yakima’s one stop auto shop for engine and transmission repair.

Baker's Auto Repair - Yakima Auto Repair Team

Jeff and Sarah Baker

Since he was a young, Jeff has always had in interests in cars and liked to work on them. He took this love from working on friends’ and families’ cars in his backyard to getting a job at a local transmission repair shop. At the transmission shop, Jeff not only learned a great deal about transmission repair he also picked up a lot knowledge in regards to running a business. For Jeff, working on cars is not just what he enjoys, it’s his God given gift. He takes pride in his work and isn’t satisfied until his customers are happy. He strives on building life long mutually beneficial relationships with his customers through good business ethics and good old fashioned honesty. Jeff is an ASE Master Certified Technician.

It is said that behind every good man there is a better woman. In the case of Jeff Baker this is very true. Sarah Baker is known for her outstanding customer service and infectious sense of humor. Customers look forward to seeing Sarah’s big smile when they visit the Baker’s Auto Repair office. Born and raised in the Yakima area, Union Gap to be exact, Sarah is a proud mother of three beautiful children and loving wife. She keeps herself busy in the office dealing with customers and always has her hands full trying to keep the guys in line. Contact Jeff and Sarah

Baker's Auto Repair - Yakima Auto Repair Team

Robert Murphy

I was born and raised right here on the east side of Yakima it is because of my father that I learned to repair automobiles, he was in the ridge runner jeep club. As a result, I learned a lot about repairing 4 wheel drive vehicles (today I am an expert at four wheel drive) .I’m older now but I still love to play usually snowmobiling but I still enjoy jeeping, quad riding camping and of course working on automobiles. Robert is a ASE Master Certified Technician.

Baker's Auto Repair - Yakima Auto Repair Team

Chuck Strmiska

I was born here in Yakima and have been in the valley for 48+ years. I've been in the automotive business since 1978. I've have worked for Holmes tire service, Firestone, Tire Sales and Service, Phelps Tire and started with Bakers Auto Repair in 2007. I specialize in tires. I have a wide range of tire experience from small ATV tires to heavy equipment tires. I have performed numerous jobs in the automotive field from vehicle maintenance to under hood repairs. My hobbies range from golfing to oval track racing. I’m known as Big Sexy at the Yakima Speedway.

Baker's Auto Repair - Yakima Auto Repair Team

Jeff Baker Jr.

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